Operate Fire Fighting Equipment Training now available

Training is aligned to TLIF2018 Operate firefighting equipment. You will learn both Theory and Practical outcomes using our latest firefighting real life simulator .

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the Australian Codes of practice, regulations and safeworking systems relevant to the use and checking of firefighting equipment
  • Identify relevant OH&S an environmental protection procedures and workplace procedures and policies for the use and checking of firefighting equipment
  • Determine the different classes of fire, their characteristics and strategies and equipment needed for their extinguishment
  • Identify the types of firefighting appliances, equipment and systems, their features, principles of operation and the procedures for their use
  • Determine and isolate any typical problems that can occur with firefighting equipment and operations and the appropriate actions and solutions
  • Demonstrate how to check and store the firefighting equipment in relation to the manufacturers’ instructions