Student Information

The Participant Handbook can be downloaded by clicking here.

Enrolling is easy. Simply call or email your local John Holland Rail Training Coordinator from the following list.

VIC / SA / TAS  &  NZ

Phone: 03 8331 7500



Phone: 02 8824 1320


WA / NT:

Phone: 08 9453 0510 or 08 9453 0511



You will be need to bring full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliant with Australian Standards. PPE requirements for specific courses are outlined in notifications provided to participants.

We will provide all other necessary items.


A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number (made up of numbers and letters) that is linked to your individual student record. By creating a USI, a secure student record is created that stores any Nationally Recognised Training that you complete online. This means that you’ll be able to access the records immediately at anytime, in order to provide them to employers or training organisations as evidence of your student learning.


If you’d like to create your own USI you can follow the link below. All you will need is one form of acceptable ID.

Always ensure you carry your USI with you when attending training.


Our trainers are fully equipped to support you in completing your course and assessments.

Speak to one of our professional trainers at any time for assistance.


We utilise all of our own materials, assessments and trainers when delivering your training. We work in partnership with registered training organisation, Accell Pty Ltd (RTO ID 32213), who issue all Certificates and Statements of Attainment to course participants. 

Accell Pty Ltd Contact Details:

PO Box 421, Mapleton QLD 4560

Ph: 07 5445 7998



ABN: 48 115 820 623

ACN: 115 820 623

In WA, the Construction Training Fund was established in 1990 by an Act of Parliament to support the training of eligible people in the building and construction industry. The fund collects a small training levy from all construction projects in Western Australia. The funds received from the collection of the training levy go back to the industry to support training and skills development.

The training levy ensures that people undertaking and paying for construction work in Western Australia make a contribution to training the skilled people needed to carry out the work. In this way, the whole community contributes to, and benefits from, the Construction Training Fund training levy and our funding programs.

Individuals who work in the construction industry and undertake training may be eligible for a rebate from the levy of up to 70% of the course cost.   To claim, simply complete a Supplementary Skills Claim Individual Form and provide the evidence noted in the claim checklist.

Further information can be found on the BCITF website or contact a member of the John Holland Rail Training team who will be more than happy to provide you with assistance.