Lead a Work Team or Group

The unit of competency covered in this course is:

  • TLIG3002 Lead a Work Team or Group

At the successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and clarify a team/group task in conjunction with other team members ensuring appropriate interpretation of specifications and in accordance with organisational requirements
  • Identify in conjunction with other team/groups members relevant steps in a team/group task to ensure efficient conduct of the work to meet specifications and organisational requirements
  • Plan steps in a team/group task taking into account the work of other personnel to ensure that practical outcomes are achieved in accordance with organisational or manufacturers procedures
  • Assign task activities to team/group members based on capability and availability
  • Advise team/group members of the symptoms and effects of fatigue, drugs and alcohol, safe lifting techniques and other OHS policies
  • Agree performance measures and requirements with team members in accordance with organisational procedures
  • Communicate with team members and others to organise and carry out work to ensure safe unambiguous and appropriate sequencing of tasks
  • Actively encourage team members to take individual and joint responsibility for work tasks
  • Complete documentation related to job planning and progress in accordance with statutory manufacturers and organisational requirements
  • Compare work outcomes with planned objectives, task instructions and specification to ensure all requirements have been met.

Course Outcome

On successful completion of this course you will be awarded a statement of attainment for TLIG3002 Lead a Work Team or Group

Pre requisite


Course Duration

2 Days plus a post course assignment

Course Location

Training facility or on site as arranged

Course Booking Contact

Rail Training Coordinators